DRL Group does not advertise for candidates.  Generally speaking, candidates responding to “want ads” are unemployed, soon to be unemployed, or just plain miserable with their present situation.  The marriage of this employee to their future employer is a lose/lose proposition.  The “lose” for the employer is they’ve probably made another mediocre hire.  The “lose” for the candidate is they’ve accepted a job without the wisdom and prudence that comes with objectivity.  Let’s face it, when you’re unemployed or miserable in your job, your objectivity is severely compromised.

The only time to look for a job is when you don’t need one!  When you’re happy in your current situation, your ability to be critical and objective in evaluating career opportunities is at its highest level.

As professionals, we tend to rate performance against established benchmarks.  You may benchmark the performance of your real estate portfolio against NCREIF, or your stock performance against the S&P 500.  When was the last time you benchmarked yourself against the marketplace?  Without the benefit of comparison, it is impossible to rate relative performance.  The statement, “My job is great” begs the question, “great compared to what?”  People can and should benchmark their job and their employer.  This is accomplished by selective interviewing with companies in your industry.  Going on a round of interviews every 3 to 5 years is the most accurate way to benchmark yourself in the marketplace.  This market test nets one of two results: l) You’ve validated your current position as still the best in the market or 2) you get pleasantly surprised by opportunities that far surpass your present role.  Either way you’re better off after benchmarking than before.  Let’s face it…no one ever seized opportunity by burying their head in the sand.

This is not to say one should take interviewing lightly.  On the contrary, it should be taken seriously and requires the proper vetting up front.  The opportunity needs to be evaluated in the context of, “is it superior to my present role?  Does it have more future opportunity?  Is it a potentially better vehicle to achieve my long-term goals?  Can I investigate this opportunity with assured discretion and confidentiality?”

DRL Group offers top performers, who are not in the job market, the ability to outsource the tasks of searching for opportunities that meet certain criteria, conducting the proper due diligence and market intelligence, and providing a forum in which opportunities can be investigated confidentially.

There is no charge to the candidate for our services.  Our fees are paid by the hiring company.  When we successfully place our candidates with our clients, it’s a true win/win.  The candidate “win” is stepping into an opportunity that they have objectively evaluated as being far superior to their current role.  The client “win” is hiring a top-performer in the industry that was not in the job market.  Top 5% performers don’t come along very often, and off market deals are usually the best.

DRL Group is honored by the trust our candidates and clients place in us.  It is truly fulfilling when we simultaneously improve someone’s life (Vis-à-vis their livelihood) and contribute so substantially to our client’s most prized capital…human capital.