If your company is like most, employees fall into 3 categories:

  • C or “underperformers” make up the bottom 10-20%
  • B or “average” performers make up the middle 60-80%
  • A players or “top” performers, while only 10-20% of your firm, drive most of the company’s success.

The challenge:

  • C performers:  Improve those that are capable and terminate those that aren’t.
  • B performers:  Create programs that will allow for more “rising stars”
  • A performers:  Improve retention.   Recruit more.
  • Employee Performance

Close your eyes for a moment and picture your top performers.  You may be thinking of the 2 or 3 people that are consistently the big deal makers.   Chances are your short list of top performers is only 5 to 15 people depending on the size of your organization.  So here is the challenge…how do you hire more people like this?

The first question: How do you find theses “A” performers?  Where are they?  You know the answer…they’re working for your competitors, who could have just as easily closed their eyes to come up with their short list.

Ok, we know where they are, but how do we recruit them?  They’re not in the job market.  They don’t have resumes.   And they certainly don’t respond to advertisements.   In most circles, reaching out to these people directly would be perceived as inappropriate if not poaching, which could have unforeseen results.

This is where DRL Group comes in.  We have relationships with top performers in commercial real estate from coast to coast.    These relationships include a solid understanding of what circumstances would make the candidate consider a move.

DRL Group only represents “A” players.