Step l

Through meaningful discussion, careful listening, and collaborative planning, we develop your wish-list opportunity.  We’re then able to qualify and quantify the type of opportunity that would substantially improve an already good situation.

Step 2

We take our marching orders from you.  Armed with your wish-list as the criteria or template, we sift through opportunities and call you back if and when we find one that makes sense.  Whether it takes a month or a year…we understand what opportunities to bring to your attention and what not to waste your time on.

Step 3

When we get back to you with an opportunity that meets your criteria, we discuss the data points required for you to decide if it’s worthy of further investigation.   Should you be interested in exploring the opportunity with our client, we would attempt to facilitate a meeting.  Obviously, the preliminary interest would have to be shared by both parties.

Step 4

With your express permission, we would confidentially present your background to the client company.  It is important to note that we make it clear to the client that you are successful with your present employer, and not in the job market.  The onus is on the client to illustrate why you’d be better off playing for their team.  We provide this full disclosure in the presentation so there are no false expectations set.

Step 5

Should both parties wish to continue dialogue, we act as facilitators, coordinating schedules, communicating feedback, addressing concerns, etc.  When helpful, we offer objective advice throughout the process as third-party counsel.

Step 6

Should both parties wish to consummate a deal, we assist you by providing expertise on processes such as offer letter, resignation letter, counter-offer issues which may arise, etc.

We’ve successfully used this candidate-driven, consultative approach to add value and improve people’s lives since 1986.  In our experience, it’s the only way to effectively build relationships within our niche market: the top 5% performers.